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Download Mac Fan Control 1.5 setup for Mac Book Pro free. Macs Fan Control is a largely acclaimed utility program that helps mac users to prevent mac devices from heating up by effectively managing mac fan speed.

Mac Fan Control 1.5 For Mac Book Pro Review

MacBook heat-up is a frequent problem faced by a number of mac users. Mac Fan Control is an all-in-one app that provides complete control to monitor and manage all the available fans in mac book to control over-heating.

Mac Fan Control is a reliable utility tool to intuitively adjust the mac fan’s speed that can help reduce Mac’s temperature while performing high-duty tasks and processes. It provides full liberty to use mac fan control settings to control fan speed for CPU, HDD, or any third-party HDD or SSD.

Created by CrystalIDEA to overcome problems, it works by adjusting fan speeds in relation to heat level reported by sensors. While the Mac Fan Control also comes with a pro version, it is also available for all of the mac users free of cost and can be used without a Mac fan control pro license key or serial number. It equips anyone with the ability to control mac device fans free without paying a single penny.

fan control for mac book pro cpu cores

Apple uses advanced thermal modeling to create specific cooling profiles for the fan management systems. Using this as base information, Mac Fan Control builds on to provide an advanced and understandable user interface to perform control action for fans. It enables mac users to get detailed information about the fans that are being used for cooling the mac device. It targets key components of the system to optimize their heat level according to the data provided by the sensors.

Mac Fan Control has been equipped with a self-monitoring, analysis, and reporting technology (SMART). SMART enables it to quickly view and manage the current temperature for the hardware components i.e., disk drive, processor, and optical drive. Owing to SMART, Mac Fan Control users report a significant drop in temperatures.

Mac Fan Control Temperature drop graph

The customized fan profiles allow the users to set specific fan speed limits for the hardware components. Customization even provides support to set the RPM manually to a constant speed for the desired RPM regardless of system temperature. Not only that, users can even set sensor base values to define low-end temperature. Whenever the system or a system component goes above that baseline temperature, Mac Fan Control triggers the response to control it.

Moreover, the intuitive menu bar helps users to view selected sensor temperatures and select fan speed instantly. Users can see, and assess the details of the specific fan for the HDD and SSD and can also view the report in the status bar. The fan speed control also comes with a default setting in case a user does not want to customize it.

Mac Fan Control 1.5 can control annoying fan noise that can mess up recording while working on studio projects. Mac Fan control optimal setting lowers the fan speed to get rid of fan noise and help improve the recording experience.

Download Man Fan Control For Mac UI

However, lowering fan speed for longer times is not a recommended action. It can lead to severe system heat up and resulting in hardware failure.

Mostly, mac books are tested for thermal throttle at a peak temperature of 100°C for thousands of hours and Mac Fan control for Mac book comes in handy for cooling down devices in this case.

Mac Fan Control allows for a smoother performance of the processor at high temperatures owing to decrease in temperatures and helps prevent Macbook from any damages due to the heat up. It has real-time monitoring and alert system in place which notifies users of any potential heat up.

Finally, a word of caution — temperature and fan control is not something that should be taken lightly. Incorrect use of this application can lead to serious system or hardware damages. So before engaging with the Mac Fan Control settings, users should read up on their impacts on the system.

To conclude, Mac Fan Control 1.5 For Mac Book Pro is a comprehensive application for mac users to monitor fan speed and system heat level then allows to adjust speed according to system need.

Features of Mac Fan Control 1.5 For Mac Book Pro

  • A powerful and intelligent program to control and monitor mac fans
  • Clean, intuitive, and user-friendly interface for easy control
  • Support to control temperature sensors, and auto start options
  • Works in the background monitoring all the sensors and taking required steps
  • Real-time control and monitoring of the fan speed for various system hardware
  • Solves fan speed noise occurring due to the replacement of Mac HDDs
  • Intuitive resolve Mac overheating problems while working on high-end projects
  • Custom cooling profiles based on the Apple thermal modeling system
  • Ability to create custom fan profile to set fan speed limits
  • Visualization of sensor reading in the status bar and one-touch modify
  • Instant fan control setting pane to manage fan speed for a specific component
  • Ability to set the fan RPM to a constant speed for resolving system overheating
  • High and low-end RPM settings when the device reaches specific temperatures
  • Manage current temperature for the disk drive, processor, and optical drive
  • Self-monitoring, analysis, and reporting technology (SMART) for reporting
  • Compatible with the latest version Mac OS 11
  • Offers multiple different app versions for other OS

Technical Details of Mac Fan Control 1.5 For Mac Book Pro

  • Software Name: Macs Fan Control 1.5
  • File Name:
  • File Size: 12 MB
  • Developer: CrystalIDEA

System Requirements of Mac Fan Control 1.5 For Mac Book Pro

  • Operating Systems: OS X 10.12.0 or later
  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB
  • Hard Disk Space: 50 MB
  • Processor: Intel Dual-Core Processor Or Higher

Download Mac Fan Control 1.5 For Mac Book Pro

Click on the button below to download the complete offline setup of Mac Fan Control 1.5 For Mac Book Pro. You may also like URL Manager Pro 5.4.2

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